Add report structure


  • After the main study structure has been created, the next step is to define Reports
  • In Castor, Report forms can be used to add unscheduled events or to document repetitive measures as needed.
  • To create a report, navigate to the Structure tab and choose Reports.
  • Here we will be adding a serious adverse event report and two repeated measure reports which we can then link to the phases in our study
  • To add a report, click the Add button
  • There are different report types
  • The report types help to customize notifications which you can receive each time a report is added to a record
  • Each report should consist at least of one step
  • After you have added a report, you can add steps to it by clicking the Add button
  • Repeated measures are meant for repetitive collection of data
  • Repeated measure report can only consist of one step
  • Here I have created a repeated measurement both as a study phase and a report, so that I am able to display the content of the reports directly in my study forms.
  • We will be covering this later in the session.

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