Repeated measure field

  • Next, we will learn how to add a repeated measure field to the study forms
  • We have already created the repeated measure report in the Structure section under Reports
  • Before linking the report to our form, we must add fields to the report.
  • In the Form tab, open Reports and select the report.
  • In this study I am going to add several fields to a repeated measure report Vital Signs. We can choose the desired field types from the panel on the right.
  • Once the repeated measure report structure is completed, we can link the repeated measure to a step in our study.
  • To do that, select the relevant phase and a step in the Form tab.
  • Here, we will add the Vital sign repeated measure to the Measurements step in the Inclusion and Randomization phase in our study
  • Click on the repeated measure field in the right panel
  • The field type should be Repeated Measure
  • In the Repeated Measure, choose the report you would like to add
  • You can also choose to show measurements of all phases
  • For example, if we collect blood pressure measurements at each visit, choosing this option, will allow to see all the blood pressure measurements taken for the entire study
  • Click the Save button to add this field to the form.
  • Now when you open the study the repeated measure will show the measures which were taken 

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