Field types


  • Now that we have created steps, we can add questions in the form of fields.
  • Field are added to the CRF through the Form Builder within the Form tab.
  • In Castor, fields are used to add questions for data entry.
  • There are many different field types we can use to collect data.
  • An image field allows an image to display in the form.
  • A remark field can be used to insert a header or add a line of text. It is often used to separate sections within a form, or to add a link to an external resource
  • The randomization field can be used to display the randomization group, which can be seen by users with randomization rights
  • Radio buttons are questions with pre-defined answers. Users can only select one answer in a radio button field.
  • A dropdown menu displays the available group of answers in a drop-down list - this takes up less space than a radio button.
  • Checkboxes are for questions with predefined answers where users can select multiple answers from the available group.
  • The text field allows users to add free text, such as comments.
  • A multiline text field is a larger text field and is ideal for questions that need an explanation or description.
  • The calculation field is used for calculations - using JavaScript syntax, we can calculate various scores or perform mathematical calculations
  • The summary field can be used to show a summary of data that is already present in the CRF
  • The date field enables you to enter a date
  • The time field enables you to enter the time. You can use the dropdown to select from the available 15 minute intervals or you can type the exact time into the provided box.
  • The date and time field allows you to enter both the date and the time.
  • The year field enables you to enter a year
  • A number field allows users to enter numbers or continuous values such as weight and height
  • Number and date enables you to enter a value and associated date.
  • A slider displays an analog scale slider in the form. This can be set up to display vertically or horizontally.
  • The grid field allows you to define a grid or a matrix for users to enter data.
  • A repeated measure field can be used to add and display repetitive data
  • Add report button inserts a button into the form, which can be linked to a report. Users can click this button to directly add a new report when needed.

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