Creating a field


  • After the outline of the study is defined: phases, steps and reports are created, we can start adding the fields to the forms
  • The fields are the actual questions in which the users will enter data.
  • We will first add fields to a study phase, so open the Study section
  • Select a phase, click the cogwheel and choose the option to ‘Open step in form editor’
  • The field types in Castor are listed in the right panel.
  • You can choose from various fields by clicking on the field type in the list.
  • This step already contains several fields which were added earlier
  • To add a field to a step, make sure you have selected the step
  • Then select the field type from the right panel.
  • In the dialog window, you can customize your field
  • The label is the question the study users will see when performing data entry
  • The variable name is the unique identifier for the field and is used to refer to the answer in this field
  • The variable name will be used in the export and the calculation field
  • The question can either be required or not required
  • Only required questions are taken into account when calculating the progress of data collection.
  • The help/info text is used to provide context or extra information about the question.
  • Data entry users can look up additional information in this help/info text when entering data into the form
  • If you select a field which allows the user to select from multiple response options, you can choose a default option group or define a new one.
  • You can do this by clicking the New option group
  • Here you define how you code your options
  • Once you started collecting the data, changing option group might have an impact on your data
  • We recommend to carefully review option group coding before collecting data.
  • Setting the required field to ‘yes’ means that the step will not be marked as complete until a response is given for the question.
  • Now you can click Save to complete the field and add it to your form
  • You can add fields to your report forms in the same way.
  • In the Form section, navigate to Reports
  • Then select the report you wish to edit and the step where new fields should be added.

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