Data validations (edit checks)


  • You may want to show alerts or messages linked to specific answers for a question.
  • There are several types of validation messages, that can be set up to warn a user.
  • An error message indicates that the entered data must be wrong; when this message is displayed the data for that field is not saved.
  • An error message is marked in red, accompanied by a triangle icon containing an exclamation mark.
  • A simple message is marked in blue, the message is shown beside a circle icon, containing an i.
  • This message indicates that the user needs to perform a certain action
  • A Warning alerts the user that something is incorrect. 
  • A warning message is marked in yellow with the exclamation mark inside a circular icon.
  • The exclusion type message is marked in purple with the circle-backslash symbol
  • Once activated, the exclusion message excludes the subject from the study.
  • When the exclusion message is active, the user cannot continue to other steps, and data entry is blocked for this record.
  • You can use this message type for validating inclusion and exclusion criteria. 
  • It is not possible to leave fields with exclusion criteria empty, nor possible to enter values which are outside the set limits.
  • You can also set simple data limits for numeric and year fields.
  • To add data validation message, create a field and open the Data validation sub-tab
  • Click the Add message button
  • On this field, we are going to add an exclusion message
  • We want to exclude patients who do not meet the inclusion criteria for our study
  • If the answer to this question is No, an exclusion message will appear and the record will be blocked for further data entry.
  • We are also going to add a Warning message for the date field to make sure that the provided date is not in the future.
  • To add a simple validation for the number and year fields, we can set the Lower and upper limits using the available fields.
  • If a value is entered which falls outside of these limits, the data will not be saved and an error message will appear indicating that the value is out of the specified range.

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