Create a study

You can easily create a study by clicking the New study button.


  • It is no longer necessary to fill in the study id, it will be generated automatically when creating a new study


  • After logging in, you will see an overview of all the studies you are participating in
  • These are by default sorted by creation date
  • To create a new study, click on the ‘Create New study’ button
  • Fill in the details of your study, such as the name of your study, the study ID which is used as a unique identifier for your study.
  • Add Institute details such as institute title, institute country, and institute abbreviation
  • There are three different study types. 
  • If you create a real study, you confirm that you are aware of the user manual for reference.
  • Choose a test study if you are not planning to collect any real data.
  • Selecting example study will provide some example forms for you to use.
  • After completing the required fields, click on the ‘Start a study’ button
  • The study is now created, and will open to the Records overview.
  • You will collect the data for the study via records
  • Records in Castor represent a patient or subject in the study. 
  • One record includes all the information collected about a subject or patient.
  • On the left of the screen, we can see the navigation panel which contains many tabs.
  • These tabs will be relevant for management of this study.

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