Responding to queries


  • The 'Monitoring' module allows monitors to create data queries for fields in a study
  • Data queries are issues the monitor has identified with the data entered into a field
  • The monitoring tab (inside a record) shows all queries that are present for the current record
  • There are three types of query icons: the New icon, Resolved and Closed
  • This query icon also appears on the record list in the Query column, so any researcher (non monitor) can see there is an issue with the record
  • Once a query is created for a field, the status icon of the field will be updated to "required/unfinished" and query icon (question mark) will appear
  • Queries need to be closed for a record to be marked as complete
  • To update the status of a query, please choose the appropriate status from the drop-down, enter your remark, and press the 'Update' button

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