Send surveys in bulk


  • Castor also has the ability to send multiple survey invitations via bulk invitations.
  • Only records that have a stored email address can be used to send surveys in bulk 
  • Make sure that you've already created records and that they have been linked to an email address.
  • First create a record group - a group is comprised of several records to which you want to send surveys.
  • To create a group of records, open the ‘Survey’ tab and click on Manage groups  
  • This will open the Groups overview.
  • "Add group" allows you to add a new group
  • By clicking "Manage records in group", you can modify the records in an existing group
  • To create a new group, click on the Add group button, enter a group name and description, and then click on Create group. 
  • Select the available records you want to add, then click on the right arrow to add them to the group
  • Click ‘Save’ button to save the newly created group
  • Now you can create a bulk survey invitation.
  • Click the ‘Create a survey invitation’
  • Select the survey package you would like to send and the record group you have just created
  • You can also choose to edit the record group by clicking on the Edit groups button, if you want to see which records belong to the group or to update it.
  • Complete the remaining survey package invitation fields, then send out the invitation. 
  • You can select a date for when the surveys will be sent or define a schedule for repetitive sending.

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