Managing Surveys


  • The general ‘Surveys’ tab allows to manage sent and scheduled surveys, track the survey progress, to re-send survey invitations and to archive or un-archive surveys
  • Each row is a separate survey invitation and contains information about the record id and institute to which a survey invitation belongs, package name
  • The ‘Status’ column shows the status of completion of each survey
  • This can be ‘Open’ - the survey was never started, ‘In progress’ - the survey was started but not completed, ‘Completed’ - the survey was finished, and Locked - the survey was locked to prevent any changes
  • You can also check the progress of each survey, which is shown as a percentage.
  • The tab also displays dates when a survey was created, planned and completed
  • The last column contains a cogwheel that you can click to edit the survey invitation or view the survey responses
  • The ‘Edit invitation properties’ option allows to edit the email of the recipient, the phase to which the survey belongs to, and the sending schedule
  • It is good to know that editing the email address in the survey invitation does not edit the email address of the record itself
  • To view the actual survey form and edit it choose the option to Open the survey for data entry in a popup or in a new window to view the survey or edit it
  • This can be useful if a subject fills in the survey directly on site, or if the researcher enters the answers for participants from a printed version.
  • You can also re-send an invitation mail in case the subject has not responded to the survey.
  • If you would like to re-send several invitations, just choose several surveys and click the ‘Resend invite’ at the bottom of a page
  • You can then choose to re-use the previous message or change it
  • It is also possible to lock a survey using a cogwheel
  • If the survey package was created in a way to automatically lock the survey upon finishing, the survey will be automatically locked and therefore this option will read "Unlock survey"
  • Another cogwheel option is ‘Archive survey’
  • This will archive the survey invitation and stop any future scheduled sending. 
  • If the study has never been live, there will be an additional option to fully delete the survey invitation.

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