Records in Castor EDC


  • A record in Castor represents all information collected about a patient
  • The Records tab gives an overview of all the records, from this tab, it is possible to create new records and manage existing ones.
  • The records overview is divided into several sections
  • In the upper section, you can Search, create, export, import and print records
  • View mode allows to view records by phases and steps
  • This allows to track progress of data entry easily
  • By using different filters,you can choose to display only specific records, for example only completed, incomplete or archived records or records belonging to a specific institute
  • The bar below contains record details
  • By clicking on each item, you can sort records in ascending or descending order
  • The page settings at the bottom allow to navigate between pages, refresh the page, choose the number of records displayed, print and bulk lock records
  • Each row represents one record
  • The icons on the right allow you to open a record, lock or unlock the record to prevent users from adding the data, print the record, update the institute or email address and archive a record
  • The email address is needed to send surveys which will be discussed in another section of this course
  • To create a new record, click the New record icon and choose an institute with which the record should be associated
  • You will be automatically taken to the actual case report form of the existing record
  • Click ‘Back to record’ to return to the records overview
  • To open an existing record double click the record, or click on the open record icon

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