Send individual surveys


  • In Castor, surveys are sent by creating survey invitations. 
  • Surveys are always sent in the form of survey packages, even if the package consists of only one survey.
  • To send a survey to a single participant, first enter the Record for that participant by navigating to the Records tab and open a record
  • Within the record, navigate to the Surveys tab and click on 'Create survey invitation'
  • select the survey package you want to send and other details of the invitation in the pop-up window
  • Add the email of the participant if this hasn't been previously added to the record (please note: this email address will not be saved in the record).
  • As an example, this is useful in pediatric studies when surveys need to be sent to both parents and it is not necessary to link the entire record with just one email address
  • Select a phase/report of your study, if you want to attach the survey to a certain phase or report. This is optional.
  • When selecting a survey package, the subject and invitation text will be automatically filled in
  • Check the Lock survey if finished box if you want the survey to be locked after finishing.
  • This is convenient if you want to prevent further changes being made when the subject finishes the survey.
  • Select when you want to send a survey
  • If you choose to send now, click save survey invitation
  • The survey will be sent immediately and the survey status will be changed to Sent
  • If you would like to link an email address to a record, so that all future invitations sent to a specific email address, you can click on the cogwheel next to a record 
  • Then choose the option to update email address
  • After entering the password, add the participant’s email address
  • Next time when creating a survey invitation, the email address will be automatically used in the survey invitation
  • It is also possible to perform a bulk import of email addresses.
  • To do this, create a csv file with the list of record ids and the email address for each record.
  • Click the Import button and choose the option to upload email addresses
  • After uploading, each record will be linked to an email address

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